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About Bimbi Montessori

Buy with conscience and responsibility.

Wondering who is behind Bimbi Montessori? I am Anna, an Italian-Catalan early childhood educator and passionate about childhood development. In 2020 I started my adventure with Bimbi Montessori to help parents with the choice of the toy that has to meet, in my opinion, several characteristics. Almost all Bimbi Montessori products are ecological, made from wood from sustainable sources and painted with toxic-free paints. Materials such as natural rubber and recycled plastic. Due to my experience, I specialize in Montessori-based material, but in my selection you can find much more.

I never stop learning by watching the little ones while they play. And if there is something that catches my attention, it is the fact that the little ones can give multiple forms of play and multiple lives to a single toy.

Maria Montessori gave the highest priority to play and said: “All children learn through play (or work ) because " play is children's work " and gave them the greatest possible autonomy, reducing the adult's role to being a guide, so that the child discovers and does things for himself.

I am happy to answer your questions, do not hesitate to contact me.