Pics kit 44 pieces –


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Advanced level. For 1 or more players.

Piks is a creative, open-ended construction toy that develops children's concentration while giving free rein to their imagination.
We apply design know-how to the education service and collaborating with children's specialists during the development of our product:
specialized child psychiatrists, therapists
occupational, school teachers…

Many skills are developed with Piks: fine motor skills, creativity,
concentration, decision making, collaboration, risk taking, self-esteem, visuospatial skills.

The goal of the game: infinite possibilities!

– Open game: Anything is possible. The objective is to make constructions
– The Battle of Piks: From 2 to multiple players, challenge your opponents! Each player must place.
– Figurative game: To recreate characters or animals. The cards
creative ideas can be used as examples (recommended
from the medium kit).
– The Piks Tower: Build the tallest tower without any pieces falling off!

Medium Piks includes 44 pieces:

33 × silicone cones (non-toxic)
11 × beech planks (solid wood)
1 instruction booklet (includes creative card examples)
A natural cotton bag.